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We provide a unique range of high performance homes specifically designed to exceed in green credentials and quality construction, to deliver you a home of comfort and robustness. We address the needs of both the individual and the community and strive for design excellence in every respect.

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Will FIT's Be Beneficial Long Term?

Everyone likes to feel as though they are doing something for the planet but it feels even better to be paid in cash for it.

Build An Eco Home And Save Money.

Mark Edwards lived in a draughty Georgian house in the village of Shrawley in Worcestershire. He and his wife felt that they were fuel poor and were constantly frustrated with the soaring cost of fuel bills for their home.

Robert Redford Opposes An Eco Indecent Proposal.

Robert Redford has become known as one of Hollywood’s original environmentalists as he is always promoting the virtues of renewable energy and eco friendly qualities long before it ever became in vogue.

U2’s The Edge Has Eco Friendly Homes Rejected.

U2’s The Edge wanted to build five mansions along the stunning coastline of Malibu. The homes would have overlooked the Pacific Ocean but officials have barred them..

Prince Charles To Build 1,000 Eco Homes On the Galapagos Islands.

Prince Charles has been asked to build 1,000 eco homes on the Galapagos Islands.

Green Mortgages Are On The Increase.

Ireland has begun introducing it’s first equity release mortgages which will allow homeowners to borrow money so that they can introduce new green technology into their homes.

Building A Luxury Eco-Friendly Home.

It seems that the affluent “eco worriers” are helping the self build market boom. Programmes such as Grand Designs have had an impact on the self build market.

Give Your Home An Eco Retro-Fit.

Insulation. • A lot of people decide to insulate their loft but do not insulate their exterior walls. If you do have cavity walls then inject insulation between the outer and inner layers of the brick.

The Benefits of Solar Panels In Your Home.

You could earn £1,000 a year from energy from the sun but there are different systems on offer for homes. Just as energy companies are announcing more hikes to people’s energy bills many are thinking of switching to renewable energy.

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