Added Value 

Interest in Eco Homes is consistently rising as more people are beginning to strive for a better lifestyle that has a low impact on the Earth while becoming more self sufficient and responsible. There are many benefits to Eco Homes that add value to the property.


Low Utility Bills

All utility bills including gas, electric and water are significantly lower than in the average UK property. Since the Passivhaus standard buildings, as seen widely in Austria and Germany, achieve a 90% reduction in energy bills compared with the standard home, we know that it is possible to also achieve this in the UK, which is one of our main goals.


Quality of Construction

The rigorous attention to detail, which is required to reach high standards of energy performance in residential buildings means that excellent quality construction, is carried out as standard in Eco Homes.



Since the Eco Homes achieve the Lifetime Homes standard, a variety of people with ageā€related difficulties and mobility problems can live in these homes, thereby widening the market to a rapidly growing sector of society.


Healthy Living 

The environment in which people live has a huge impact on health. The Eco Homes have been designed to address the problems which many people face in their standard homes in the UK such as damp, pollution, inadequate daylighting, mould growth, stale air, static, draughts and uneven temperatures. A healthy home is becoming more valuable now as people are beginning to take responsibility for their health and to choose healthier lifestyles.

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