Timber Frame Construction.



Timber frames for houses have now become the most popular method of construction in Scotland and although they are becoming more popular in England and Wales, they have still now overtaken the traditional brick and block method.  However timber-framing is one of the simplest, adaptable and the most environmentally friendly method of building that is available.  Timber frame methods can be individually designed and are very quick to erect, they enable self builders to work inside in the bad weather or in the evenings, therefore reducing the construction time.  Timber frames are also suitable for sites that are on a steep slope or for those sites which have poor quality ground. 


Timber frames are made in a factory controlled environment using precision timber engineering so the finished product is much better.  Timber frame kits can be erected very quickly and a typical 3 bedroom house can sometimes be erected in just 5 days.  This will include external doors and windows as well as the felt and batten.  The external skin can be completed independently from the internal which explains why costs are reduced constructing this way as the build time is shorter.


Timber frame houses are also well insulated and heat up very quickly which means that energy bills are lowered.  During the summer months the insulation keeps the houses cool and the SAP rating for building control is easily achieved with this method of construction.  Timber frame houses are clad externally with block and brick and internally with plasterboard so they look just like the traditional method.  From the outside you would not know if a house is a timber frame or not but the cosy effect inside will make a difference.


Timber for the frames is sourced from managed forests in the northern hemisphere and young trees are replanted so that a natural cycle is created.  A lot of people think that timber frames are only used for small developments but this is not the case, timber frames are often used for blocks of flats, schools, nursing homes and hotels so they are very diverse. 


Some timber frame facts:-

·         17% of the construction market is occupied by timber frames.

·         65% of new homes in Scotland are built with timber frames.

·         Elsewhere 1 in 6 homes are made from timber frames.

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