Community, like sustainability, is a term that is often used without any real substance behind it. We have developed a unique plan for community cohesion, which has the potential to take each housing development to a higher level not only for the enrichment of the residents’ lives but also for the strength of the group in taking the project further.

Design Stage Consultation

Building plot owners are consulted in design sessions. The specific process that we offer, as opposed to your mainstream housebuilder, means that residents are involved and plans to create a community‐centered neighborhood can be addressed at design stage together. From shared parking to children’s playground to district power, the potential is there to initiate community
facilities at the earliest stage, a rare opportunity in the UK.

Residents Association

Each site is equipped with a Residents Association package that includes an online forum with secured log‐in. Whether it’s finding a babysitter for the evening or sharing your photos of the local wildlife, the online forum has great potential. The package also includes the legal standing of a tax exempt organization with a community bank account. This framework makes it easier if
the community wants to be proactive in activities such as creating a wildlife garden or planning a party.

Community Handbook

We supply each plot owner with a handbook detailing the community facilities in the area including such information as bus timetables, local retail opening hours and sports clubs.

Current Development Sites