Comfort & Living

Your Eco Home can fulfill all of the expectations of a healthy, modern, warm, bright and beautiful place to live.



The benefits of good levels of natural daylight are not limited to energy saving. Natural daylight and particularly sunlight serves to regulate sleep patterns, mitigate against Seasonal Affective Disorder and kill bacteria.



The quality of supply air delivered to the habitable rooms is very good. Filters remove pollutants, dust and pollen as the outdoor air is brought in and pre‚Äźwarmed in the MVHR, without the temperature swings and security risks of opening windows to ventilate. Meanwhile, if it is desirable to open bedroom windows at night or patio doors on warm days, this is perfectly fine and allows a rapid flush of fresh air into the home.


No Draughts

Due to the excellent level of airtightness achieved, the home is never draughty. Considering how the body senses temperature, this means that the house feels warmer overall because your ankles aren’t being brushed with cool air.


No Damp 

The thermally efficient, airtight construction and ventilation system ensures that even temperatures are maintained throughout the home and that condensation, damp and mould don’t appear.  

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